I'm Jayel, the owner-operator of this little pocket of the internet. I've been online since the bicycle modem days -- In the late 1990s, I would bike the two miles each way to visit our public library with a box of floppy disks to download things. I remember the days of newsgroups, before online forum scripts like Ikonboard gained popularity.

I've lived on the Gulf coast of Florida for at least a few decades, and have been just inland from the Pacific Coast for the last half decade.

I have a budding like for photography, having gone as far as picking up a Hasselblad True Zoom mod for my phone, so that I always have a decent camera-like item available.

I also have a like for electric vehicles that borders on an actual love. I am considering building my own electric scooter in the future, just to have my own conveyance around town. At some point, I desire to learn how to weld, so that I can follow that dream.